As a new year rolls around, something inside of all of us ignites, new years resolutions are made & there's a desire in all of us to just "be more organised"! 

In an ever-increasing digital age, surprisingly the paper diary is making a serious comeback and we have a few tips for you to help you use and actually keep your diary all year round. 

1. Choose the right diary for you

Not all diaries are made the same, in fact - there are SO MANY different types of diaries, it can be seriously overwhelming but having the right diary can make a masssssive difference. Questions to ask yourself might be 

    • How much space do I need? 
    • Will this diary be left at home or taken with me always?
    • What parts of your life need the most organisation? ie. Meal planning, gym, work, kids etc
    • Do you need help with goal planning/ tracking or just a calendar 
    • Do you scribble/draw? Do you need space for this? 
    • Do stickers excite you, what are your colour preferences? 

All of these questions will help you land at the correct diary & THIS will set you up for a win.

Buying a quality diary that will LAST makes a big difference to how much you use it, if you're inspired by it the chances of using it are higher.

Have a peek at our collection here. 

2. Find a pen you like 

Believe it or not, a good pen will help you "enjoy" sitting down and using your diary, it doesn't have to be expensive or amazing but a pen you actually like that is kept WITH your diary will encourage you to use it more often! 

Some great pens here. 

3. Make planning a habit

A simple way to do this is to add using your diary to a daily task that you do every day already. Perhaps when you have breakfast, or when you sit down at your desk with your coffee first thing. If you add the practice of opening your diary up every day/every week WITH an activity you don't have to think about doing, you'll find it easier to continue to do every day.

4. Set up your year 

At the beginning of each year, take a moment to add into your diary, the years "events". Add in things like birthdays, date nights, annual recurring events and planned holidays. 

5. Blank isn't bad 

There is a weird pressure to "fill up" your diary completely... don't succumb! It's ok to have whole weeks where you have nothing planned at all! Often it's nice to see that you have some time off, you can use the space to write a quote or draw a little picture.. just because you haven't used every day doesn't mean the diary isn't useful!! 

Bonus: a few things to think about scheduling when doing your yearly planning! 

  1. Schedule date nights & holidays first - plan your breaks 
  2. Add birthday reminders a month before for important birthdays so you are organised. 
  3. Schedule Christmas planning in November (or October if you're really keen) so you don't feel overwhelmed come December.
  4. Use different coloured pens for different categories, ie: financial, family, birthdays etc
  5. Use other creative tools like washi tape to keep your diary exciting! 
  6. Add kind words & reminders for yourself further into the year, it's always a nice surprise ;) 
  7. Don't just add everything for the sake of it, eg: if your rent is auto deducted there's no need to write it in each month
  8. Block out days for selfcare & breathing space
  9. Use a pencil for events that are guaranteed, that's why they say "I'll pencil you in" 
  10. Add reminders for your annual checkups, dentist, doc, donating blood etc! 




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