So you've been hit with the news that you're sick... and you've been instructed to self-quarantine. So what to do now? 

No one needs to spend 1000 hours watching Netflix, although it's a good start. But once you start to feel bored with being bored, here are a few ideas on how to get your butt off the couch and do something semi-productive and interesting. 

1. Pull your journal out. You can do it!! Pull open a fresh new page, grab your favourite pen and start with these words... "I'm stuck here so I may as well..." 

Challenge yourself to a new topic each day, fill a page or two. Early in the morning is best! If you need a journal.. here's where to look. Journals & Notebooks

2. Write a letter! Okay, not all of these are writing focused, we promise! But seriously, who in your fam hasn't heard from you in a while? Which friend from school haven't you spoken to in a while? Write them a letter and ask for a response. You might be setting yourself up for some lovely mail in a few months :) 

Letter Writing Stationery here 

3. Clean your fountain pen. Yep that's right, you can CLEAN your pens and you should do it regularly. We do it all the time, one day we'll write our own blog but for now... here's a useful video on how to clean them properly. click here

4. Revisit your yearly goals. Take a moment to look at the goals you made for this year, what changes do you need to make? Are you having fun? 

5. Enjoy a spot of online shopping ;) you know where we live... - enjoy free shipping over $50 etc etc 



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