In-Store Gift Wrapping Service

Expertly wrapped with your choice of Australian made paper.

XS (i.e. gifts similar in size to a Ring Box) $5.00
S  ("" Cupcake Box) $7.50
("" Tissue Box) $8.50
L ("" Shoe Box) $13.00
("" A3 Box) $16.00
(Oversized) Quoted In-Store

Complimentary for gifts purchased in-store.
Optionally add a gift tag for $2.

Please allow 10+ minutes per gift.

Drop-off's to be collected within 24 hours of notification.
Accepting a maximum of 5 gifts per 'drop-off' in peak season (i.e. Christmas).

For 5 gifts or more, make a booking with our team.

(Please note this pricing is for in-store only, for online orders you can add this service to your order at checkout)