Gift Wrapping Service

In-Store Gifting Wrapping Service 

We pride ourselves in our in-store gift wrapping service. It's an experience that has spread via word-of-mouth over the last few years & we LOVE doing it! 

Bring ANY gift into Honest Paper and have it expertly gift wrapped, tied and embellished by our team. Prices Below. 


Choose from a selection of pre-wrapped gift options, complete with Inky Co roll wrap, gorgeous quality coloured ribbon & real embelishment. 

Sizes are approximate. 

  • In-store Purchase: Free (to gift wrap that item only) 
  • Extra Small (ring Box): $2.50
  • Small (Cupcake Box): $5
  • Medium (Tissue Box) : $6
  • Large (Shoe Box): $8 
  • Extra Large (A3 Box): $10 
  • Extra Extra Large: By quote from our team. 


Choose from our stunning range of sheet wraps from our wrap wall, belly band, gorgeous ribbon range & real embelishment options. This gift wrapping option is for those who wish to use our sheet wraps instead & go for that extra-gorgeous present finish! 

  • Extra Small: $4.50
  • Small: $6.5
  • Medium: $12
  • Large: $17
  • Extra Large: $25
  • Extra Extra Large: By quote from our team. 


Can I bring in all my Christmas/occasion presents & have them wrapped by you? 

YES! This is totally an option, we recommend labelling the gifts & buying some tags instore with the names of the recipients on them so we can label them correctly for you. The prices are listed above, we don't provide discounts for bulk gift wrapping as it still takes us the same amount of time & energy & resource! Please allow an extra day or 2 around holiday times incase we are really busy! 

Can I bring my own paper & still pay you to wrap my gift? 

Yes, this is possible however the price remains the same as above. 

Will you write in my card for me too? 

We have been known to do this on occasion, if you ask our staff really nicely we should be able to help :)