I remember my first time picking up a fountain pen. I was expecting little more than a complicated writing experience, laced with the disappointment that I wasn't worthy of something so fancy. To my surprise the writing experience was not only a simple one, but one that left me inspired to continue to write and explore in this new world of pens.

As writers and stationery lovers, we all enjoy the special connection we have to our craft and hobbies. To pick up our favourite notebook, sip our favourite tea and to simply enjoy. This is true regardless of our crafts, whether it's writing novels, poetry, journaling, note taking or simply our daily to-do list.

The connection from person to pen to paper is one that is unique to each Individual, and one that leads to our unique writing styles. Finding your own rhythms and patterns in writing furthers our journey into creativity and our enjoyment within it. Fountain pens offer a different approach to writing, their nibs allowing for ink to flow uninhibited from the pen onto the paper. This gives a writing experience like no other, one where you guide the ink as your write.

So next time you're in Newcastle, why not take the time to come into Honest Paper, to find and explore the world of fountain pens. It is far less complicated than you might expect and it can be deeply rewarding. I constantly am finding myself inspired when I uncap my fountain pen, ready to see where the paper will take me.

Now go forth and write! Enjoy and explore the way that only you can communicate. Dig deep into your love of the bespoke and the artisanal, and most of all, create!

Words by: Ben Graham
Pictured: Milligram Journal in Beige, Lamy Al-Star in Graphite, Lamy Blue-Black Ink


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