Wooden Handled Wax Melting Spoon


Use this spoon to create your very own wax seals! This melting spoon is deeper than the standard Metal Melting Spoon. Perfect for those who love mixing several wax beads together!

Perfect small Melting Spoon with Wooden Handle to assist with heating wax beads. Can fit 3-4 wax beads maximum.
If you would like a spoon to hold more wax, please see our Coloured Wooden Handle Melting Spoons.

Burner, Wax & Coaster are not included.

How to make wax seals:

  1. Use 2-3 beads per wax seal
  2. Slowly melt beads in wax spoon over a candle or burner.
  3. Once wax is melted, poor onto envelope or paper.
  4. Press stamp into warm wax and leave until set.
  5. Add Foil flakes after the pour and before you stamp.
  6. Clean spoon by carefully wiping with paper towel – be careful as the spoon will be very hot
  7. Rinse under warm water 


  • Wax beads should be kept away from children
  • Wax Burner copper plate becomes very hot while using. Do not touch.
  • Wax Spoons become very hot while using. Do not touch the heated end while in use

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