Mindful Affirmations Financial Abundance Cards & Wood Stand

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Financial Abundance Affirmations are remarkable tools that can help you focus your thoughts to achieve an abundance mindset and attract more wealth into your life. Heal a scarcity mindset with positive financial visualization.

Become a magnet for wealth and financial abundance.

  • Affirmation cards are meant to be used every week
  • Comes in a box––perfect for mindful gifts for yourself and your loved ones
  • Affirmation cards come with insightful instructions on how to best use this mindfulness practice
  • Backside of the cards can be used to create your own affirmations
  • 52 Affirmation cards
  • Comes in a box
  • FSC™ beechwood stand with Intelligent Change laser cut logo
  • Cards size: 4.13” / 10.5cmW x 5.11”x 13cmL
  • 100% recycled, biodegradable, and FSC certified paper

How it works

→ Financial Abundance Affirmations have been specifically designed to help you have a more positive relationship with money to attract more confidence and abundance into your life.

→ Affirmations are powerful words and phrases that imprint positive messages on your subconscious mind. When used daily, they realign your thought patterns and beliefs.

→ By truly believing the affirmation, you are setting in motion a transformation in the way you think and feel about finances. This causes a positive effect on your mindset in general and your attitude towards your wealth management in particular.

Put affirmation on display

Each week, move a step closer to achieving your financial goals by placing a new Financial Abundance Affirmation card on display in a spot where you will see it often.

Having mindful encouragement on display will realign your beliefs and thought patterns about yourself, your life, and your money relationships.

Learn how to attract more wealth into your life.

Morning and night routine

Repeat each affirmation out loud about 10 times.

We suggest reading your affirmations twice a day, shortly after you wake up and right before you go to sleep.

Our subconscious mind is most open to suggestions when it is in a relaxed or meditative state.

Choose affirmations that speak to you

You may find yourself resonating more with some cards than others. That’s okay.

Feel free to reuse cards that stand out to you and skip over the ones you find less meaningful or use the backside of cards to create your own affirmations.

Live an abundant life.


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