Mindful Affirmations Cards & Wood Stand


A weekly dose of affirmations that boost self-love, self-care, and mindfulness. Harness the power of positive thinking to overcome self-doubts and insecurities.


Develop a positive attitude in life.

  • Affirmation cards are meant to be used every week
  • Comes in a box––perfect for mindful gifts for yourself and your loved ones
  • Affirmation cards come with insightful instructions on how to best use this mindfulness practice
  • Backside of the cards can be used to create your own affirmations


  • 52 Affirmation cards
  • Comes in a box
  • FSC™ beechwood stand with Intelligent Change laser cut logo
  • Cards size: 4.13” / 10.5cmW x 5.11”x 13cmL
  • 100% recycled, biodegradable, and FSC certified paper

How it works

→ Mindful Affirmations are designed to help you harness the power of positive psychology.

→ Affirmations are reassuring statements that can help retrain negative beliefs and thought patterns. They help you focus on life’s joys and opportunities instead of doubts and limitations.

→ By truly believing the affirmation, you set in motion a transformation in the way you think and feel.


→ Based on the principles of positive psychology and mindful positive language.

→ Mindful Affirmations have been thoughtfully designed to encourage you to feel your best every day, in every situation.

→ Affirmations cover a wide range of topics: from manifesting love and boosting your confidence, to releasing stress and anxieties and attracting financial abundance.

→ With consistent daily practice, you will notice a beneficial effect on your mindset and overall attitude toward life.

Made sustainable

→ Mindful Affirmations have been designed with the environment in mind. 

→ 100% plastic-free, fully recyclable, and biodegradable. 

→ The box and affirmation cards are printed on recycled and FSC certified stock. 

→ The stand is made of FSC certified beachwood.


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