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MD Cordoba Paper Notebook Cover

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A notebook holds things you want to remember, ideas you’ve had and all kinds of other important information. And when you’re entrusting so much to your notebook, you want to take good care of it. Enter the MD Notebook Cover. This cover protects your notebook in a subtle way that doesn’t detract from MD Notebook’s style. 

The Cordoba cover is made from light, strong Cordoba paper. For a notebook where the paper is so carefully optimized, it is only fitting that the cover be made from paper too. With a natural texture and no-frills look, this cover is the perfect way to protect your MD Notebook while still enjoying the same comfort during use. You can also scrunch the paper for a daring “aged” look that adds character to the paper (pictured on the right).

Covers only, notebooks available seperately.

- H158×W225mm - approx.18g
B6 Slim - H185×W225mm - approx.20g
A5 - H220×W310mm - approx.32g
A4 Variant - H285×W435mm - approx.54g
(size when open)