LAMY Fountain Pen Nibs


Did you know that LAMY fountain pen nibs are interchangeable? For example, you can swap the medium nib on your Safari pen for an italic nib to achieve a more calligraphic writing style, or opt for a fine nib to reduce ink flow and quicken the dry time.

All of these stainless steel nibs are compatible with LAMY Safari, Al-Star, Lx and Joy fountain pens.

All-Round Nibs
 (Factory Standard)
Available in sizes extra fine (EF), fine (F), broad (B) and extra broad (BB). The rounded shape of an all-round LAMY nib delivers a uniform, even writing line. Also available in black.

Italic Nibs

Available in sizes Available in sizes 1.1mm, 1.5mm & 1.9mm. Rather than having an iridium ball, they have a straight, flat tip. This permits the writer to create a script with different stroke weights, perfect for more flourished and calligraphic penmanship.

Left-Handed Nib

The LH nib has the same properties as the standard medium nib (M). With a small yet significant difference, it is slightly oblique making it ideal for left-handed writers who frequently tilt their hand when writing.

Lx Edition Fountain Pen Nibs
Available in sizes extra-fine (EF), fine (F), medium (M) and broad (B). The black stainless steel nib for the LAMY Lx series is a stylish upgrade to your writing implement. To achieve its sophisticated look it is polished, PVD coated and laser etched. With the same rounded shape of a standard LAMY, the lx nib delivers a uniform, even writing line.

Tip: when choosing the correct nib width the important thing is the size of your own handwriting: the smaller your script, the finer the nib should be. A larger script on the other hand will generally look better with a broad nib.


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