Sometimes we talk about shop things, sometimes it's design process. Today I wanted to share with you the design process from start to finish when we create a new range of cards.

Gabi and I are always on the lookout for what we love, for what's inspiring us. Usually, its me who sets the vibe for the range, we both discuss the designs but it's often me who will pen the words or have the “feeling” for what I'm feeling around a range. Mother's Day is always a special one for me because I am a Mother and I value Mother's so much. I know it's not the easiest day for all, we acknowledge that at HP - we have cried with many over hard situations, that's all part of the job. This year, we wanted to theme Mother's Day around the idea that Motherhood is a mosaic of small things that make up who she is for each family. The small things & the big contributions that she makes for her family add up to something so unique and beautiful.

We begin our design process with this idea, I usually pen some concepts in our design book while Gabi collates some art-boards and we establish how big the range will be.

If we are doing a collaboration range through our artist investment program, we will then hunt through the applications and study each one carefully to see if any of them are a good fit. For this collection, we settled on working with local artist Kathrin Legg. We loved Kathrin's fun & light style, her illustrations were exactly what we were after.

We contacted Kathrin with the proposal and she was ready to work with us. We sent her the brief & the deadline & she got to work.

In the meantime, Gabi will put together the other illustrations and add in some of her own design ideas using my words and theme as a guide. A few days later SUPER quick Kathrin sent us her work and it was perfect. Gab will then work on creating patterns, liaising with me and other members of our team until the range is complete. I will ensure the contracts with the artist are complete and make sure everyone gets paid in the background.

We will then proof, price & add barcodes. Gabi will also build the product listing mockups and I'll get to adding words and they will go to print.

It's always a lovely experience working together and we also pinch ourselves that this is our job!

Hardly ever planned, mostly nice and quickly but always, always as a team.

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