We know that soooo many people are stuck in iso at the moment. We also know how many of you visit us in-store seeking help with gifting. Because well… we are the best at it!

It hurts us to know that so many of our beautiful customers can’t visit us for help so we decided to set up a gifting service on our website! It has everything from choosing gifts to writing a note, adding chocolate and of course wrapping :) and done from the safety of your iso location.

Here’s how it works!

1. Pick a gift 
If you have something in mind already just shop as you normally would! If not, don’t worry, we have a new section on our website called ‘Expert Gifting’ where you can choose from a range of options like price and occasion.

2. Go to check out 
We all know how good you are at this step so I won't help ;) 

3. Select gifting options 
There will be a pop-up menu with options for gifting once you click 'checkout' on your cart, it'll look something like this...

Choose from;
Gift wrapping (yes the gorg wrapping you see all over our socials)
Personalised note/card/tag (we will write it for you!)
Throw in that little bit ‘extra’ (add sparkles and confetti!)
Handmade chocolate by CocoaNib 
Surprise stationery gift (yay!)

4. Complete checkout 
Once you’ve chosen your gifting options, check out with your recipients address and leave the rest to us! 

If there’s anything you’d like to add or specifications just write it in the comments box and our team will make it happen. We will make sure your gift is just as beautiful as if you did it yourself or came to us in-store.

Sending all of our best wishes and Honest Paper love, happy gifting!


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