Hi friends,

Yay Mother’s Day is nearly here! This year, and every other, we are celebrating mother figures from all walks of life. Whomever that may be, to you.

It's sometimes hard choosing gifts for mums as nothing represents the love, appreciation and thanks you have for them. But we can certainly try!

I like to think of myself as a superior gift giver so I’ve put together a list of gifts to help you decide 💖

Under $20


Scalloped Agenda $16.95

If mum is a stationery enthusiast like we are, she’s going to loooovveeee this one!

Designed for organisation without constraint, ‘The Agenda’ allows freedom for self-direction with two equal parts dedicated to checklists and free space.

With an absence of headings, ‘The Agenda’ allows users to innovate their planning in a way that suits an ever-changing schedule.

The tear-off feature affords the option to compartmentalise each day by either storing for future viewing or simply throwing away!

Pair this with a Ballograf ($7.95) pen and you have yourself a well-rounded gift fit for a stationery lover!


Under $50


Recipe $49.95

Sharing a cookbook with mum is an investment that can be enjoyed now, in 10 years and beyond, I promise.

Writing a recipe book has so many advantages. More obviously it helps organise the recipes you love and of course, makes it easier to choose what to eat. But more importantly, it has a generational feel. Share recipes with the family now, and pass them down to your kids later.

It’s a creative project that is practical, fun and affords a call to your loved ones.

We have a few options for recipe books but a current fav is the ‘Recipe’ Book from Fox & Fallow. It has a gorgeous linen hardcover, gold foil gilded edges and premium FSC-certified acid-free paper.


Meeraboo Candles $44.95

Candles aren’t overdone! I repeat! Candles are not overdone! They remain a diverse and thoughtful gift for all occasions🙂

Ok, now that’s over with I have a candle for you.

Meeraboo ‘Honey & Hay’ Brass Lid Soy Candle.

Notes: Tobacco + Amber + Honey

I would describe this candle as sweet elegance. Just like mum.

The Meeraboo candle maker Deb, is a dairy farmer and has been milking cows for over 40 years! Turns out she has a talent for candle making!

Her candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, fragrance oil and lotsss of love! The jars are made from high-quality glass, the lid is brushed copper with a seal to keep the candle fresh. The lid is designed to be used as a base for the lit candle to keep furniture cool.


Five Minute Journal $49.95

'Think of the feeling that arises when you smile nostalgically at an old photo of yourself. Imagine if you could have the same experience by just flipping to a certain day in a specific year in your life: you could zoom in on who you were, what you did, and how you felt on that day. It will be your own chronicle of memories, ideas and dreams'

The Five Minute Journal is a truly thoughtful and healing gift to give to mum or anyone you'd like to bless this Mother's Day!

‘Gee journaling is something I'd really love to practice'. We have all said it… we have all heard it. It’s often hard to start, and if it isn’t, it's hard to keep the momentum. The Five Minute Journal is aimed at combatting the barriers we give to ourselves.

The Five Minute Journal focuses on beginning and ending your day on a positive note by asking simple questions and reflecting.

With time, we embody and regulate evolution in varied manifestations of what ‘good’ means to us. And what seems tricky and confronting, becomes cathartic and healing.

Under $100


Wax Sealing ‘Creators’ Bundle $84.95

Wax sealing is for sure a favourite in the Honest Paper world, and for good reason. Wax sealing adds that special kind of something extra to cards and gifts whilst also being deeply enjoyable and satisfying to make!

It’s fun collecting different colours and patterns (maybe even a bespoke hehe). You can really get creative with them! Add flowers; sparkles; play around with mixing colours whatever you like!

The 'Creators' Bundle is great as it has everything you need. It comes with the stand, candles, spoon, stirrer and wax plus a mat and adhesive backings so you can play around with them as much as you’d like, ready to stick onto presents and cards in the future 🙂

Over $100


‘Student’ Fountain Pen $134.95

If you’re looking for something truly special look no further. Kaweco’s gorgeous Student Fountain Pen is a love note to history as well as Kaweco’s own origins.

Made from high-quality precious resin it guarantees haptic and visual writing pleasure and comes in 4 colourways that celebrate the different eras.

The golden 20’s ‘Brown Jazz’ represents an exuberant time. With brown tones, feather bowers, cigarette lace and pinstriped suits. Celebrating a feast of elegance and Jazz.

50’s ‘Blue Rock’ marks the reconstruction and prosperity after the Second World War. The cultural flourish after the storm and rock music.

60s ‘Green Swing’ celebrates a soft organic green with golden elements; an ode to the swinging 60s of harmony and peace.

‘Orange Soul’ reminisces the iconic 70’s patterns. The decade of ‘sharp extremes’, a time of upheaval and change.

Choose based on the era or pick the colour you like, either way, these pens are of superior quality and oh so so beautiful!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mother figures, you truly make our wolds go round 🥰

Lots of love,

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