Ps. This beautiful image of Newcastle's coastline (taken by Jacob Shultz) is available in a range of cards and postcards as well, a perfect keepsake of your visit.

Thinking of taking a trip to Newcastle? You won't have been the first to come in store to tell us you’ve found us on TikTok and travelled to come to visit! And for good reason, we are of course the most beautiful stationery store there is! And very unbiased!

But what to do once you get here?? You can, of course, hang out with us all day buuut if you want to make ‘a day’ of it, here’s a guide to what we think you can do while you’re here :)

Newcastle; NSW's favourite ‘up and coming’ beach town has recently surpassed its ‘up and coming’ title and graduated to fully fledged ‘place to be’. There is truly plenty to do here so do stray from this guide where you please!

Breakfast at Mr.Sister

First stop coffeeeeee (obvi). Newcastle is known for having some damn good coffee so I promise I won't lead you astray with something mediocre. We hit the jackpot when we moved to the east end because Mr.Sister moved too (we are right next door)! Anyway, they have an amazing coffee menu from all over the world plus delicious sweet and savoury pastries (yes pies too) and toasties!


Shopping at the East End (Honest Paper)

This is the main event… Honest Paper! We love to meet people from all over, so come say hi to our staff and let us know where you’re from!
Best to make use of our free gift warping and if you’ve fallen in love with something you don’t want to carry around all day we will take care of it for you while you explore :)

We have so many beautiful locally owned shops in the East End but here are some of our favourites :)

Studio Melt X High tea w Mrs Woo — handmade, artisan clothing, homewares and accessories
Moral Store — sustainable homewares & lifestyle goods
The Lair — designer clothes and accessories


Lunch at Susuru

After all of this shopping, you’re definitely hungry so I won't lead you too far away. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around but we are loving Susuru at the moment!

Choose from Spicy Miso Butter, Tonkotsu, Katsu Curry, Vegan Curry and Shoyu flavours. They take the utmost care in the preparation of each ingredient and extracting their flavours over many hours to produce soups bursting with umami taste and complemented with noodles cooked to perfection.


A Walk to the Lighthouse Gallery

One cannot experience Newcastle without spending some time enjoying the stunning scenery and exploring a bit of its rich history.

It’s worth your time to take a walk to the Lighthouse Gallery. Lighthouse Arts on Nobbys-Whibayganba headland showcases a range of events and exhibitions supporting the region's unique and diverse local artists, culture and tourism.

Lighthouse Arts is led by a diverse group of cultural leaders and professionals who seek to protect and celebrate Awabakal culture, historic and maritime heritage and provide a safe and collaborative space for local artists while celebrating the region’s iconic landmark.


Dinner with Scotties by the Ocean

Just off Newcastle beach, there is a gorgeous restaurant that serves the best fish & chips in town. They offer your standard fish & chips along with gourmet snacks and a great alcohol selection.
Take a short walk down Zaara Street, to the ocean and enjoy an evening by one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

We really love meeting you and sharing our beautiful town so if you have any questions or would like more Newcastle recommendations make sure to let our staff know or contact us on socials!

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