To my dear left, ambidextrous and logical right handed friends, 


Being a certified (or uncertified hehe) lefty is a gift/curse situation. You’re obviously more talented and have that mysterious edge but scissors = nightmare and pens… Mother. Freaking. Pens.  

Whether it’s a bouchée one from Honest Paper or that one from Woolies that’s been in your bag for years, there is a 98% chance your use of said pen will end in smudged/ illegible handwriting, dirty hands and a quiet sense of rage. 

Lefties are generally less trusting people too. They have all had a moment of weakness where they bought into the whole ‘left-handed’ marketing, gotten their hopes up, only to be reminded once more that… it's all a lie.  

So one day they just kind of give up. I know I did. I used the same boring mechanical pencil for no joke my entire teens and subsequent degree. Imagine rocking up to uni decked out in all Honest Paper only to top it all off with a regular old pencil. Sads. 

Anywayyy, sceptical/triggered lefty here agreed to the ‘Bloom 3-in-1’ with zero faith it would be used conventionally. Rather, like the rest of my pens, more of an ornamental situation — pretty but largely irrelevant. 

Mere hours later I discovered how truly wrong I was.


Here’s why


Firstly it’s magic — I was debating researching how it works but decided (somewhat selfishly) that I wanted to keep the magic alive for the ‘both of us’ (me). 

But here’s what you need to know:

  • It has 3 options (kind of 4 as there’s an eraser) — pencil, black and red pens
  • Unlike regular 3-in-1 pens, it has only one clicky thing
  • To change the pen you look at the option you want
  • Click and voilà it’s ready for your enjoyment. 

I think my single friends out there could acquire a lover from this trick — it's a great ice breaker. 

Bloom or I like to call her Lizzy (after Queen Elizabeth you’ll understand entirely when you get your own) is the perfect pen for lefties, ambidextrous and logical rights for several reasons:

  1. No smudge on the pen options! — she has a light flow and slim neat lines 
  2. The pencil option is artist-worthy — doodler friendly! 
  3. Weighted yet light — you won’t get cramps like with those standard 3-in-1 pens 
  4. Has it all for the girl/guy/they who can’t decide — plus practical
  5. Doesn’t drag/ pull — unspoken lefty woe
  6. Pretty on all paper — including rock and recycled
  7. Chic enough for ornamental use but it won’t be on display much, trust me, you’ll be using her always.

My point (finally): In one pen I went from mediocre traumatised and sceptical of anything ‘pen’ — entirely unwilling to convert. To completely obsessed, ready to get my pen licence and feel like the cool kid I always dreamed of being. 

My only wish is that you will be too. 


Lots of Love, 


P.s special thanks to the HP team for making excellent choices so I don’t have to

P.p.s you look good today

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