Hi friends! Your resident Honest Paper enthusiast coming to you from Sydney. I hope you are all doing well!

Now I don’t mean to brag but I’m kind of a lockdown expert... so let me impart some wisdom and help you find some peace in this madness, through our mutual love; Honest Paper.

Stay Organised

I’m sure a lot of you have dropped the use of a dairy because, well, there isn’t exactly a lot to schedule. But we have kind of gone cold turkey on reality so I think it's important to try to keep as much ‘normalcy’ as we can. One way to do this is to keep a routine.

Each morning, write down everything you’d like or need to do that day. Even if you don’t refer to it ever again. It can bring a sense of direction to an otherwise directionless day.

The Honest Paper ‘Daily Plan’ Notepad is perfect for this! It covers sections like
schedule and actions but it also has a place for your food and water intake as well as exercise.

I like to write down EVERYTHING from who I’d like to call, to when I’d like to go for a walk, food ideas, housework and so on. It’s also helpful to have a list of activities to refer to when you’re a bit lost.

I cannot stress how much this helps.

Aroma Therapy

I am quite literally obsessed with the Milligram ‘Nocturne' Sensory Volcanic Rock Set. It comes with a gorgeous jar, volcanic rocks and a fragrance. All you do is dap a little of the fragrance on the rocks and they act as a diffuser :)

Top notes: Lemon, Lime
Heart notes: Basil
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood Vetiver

In translation; fresh, calming and earthy. It reminds me of fancy spas and facials so it's the perfect way to elevate your self-care day or remind you of the smells of nature.

P.s I got curious and put the fragrance in my regular diffuser and it works! I also add a little to my floor and surface cleaners (told you I was obsessed).

Keep Puzzlin'

You know how I was talking about finding ways to mimic life beyond lockdown welllll... puzzles. No seriously, puzzles are an emotional roller coaster; you’ll experience waves of excitement, stress, achievement, and calm. It’s escapism for the already escaped.

I love the Bespoke Letterpress puzzles. They fill all the holes news agency puzzles leave. They are beautifully illustrated with Australian native plants that aim to inspire mindfulness and calm. They have a satin finish and the greyboard is made from 100% recycled paper! Shop Puzzles here

A writing activity... 

Writing your own recipe book has so many advantages. More obviously it helps organise the recipes you love and of course makes it easier to choose what to eat.

More importantly, it has a generational feel. Call your mum, grandma, dad, whomever and ask for the recipes you loved growing up. Write in your own and share it with your kids, friends or back to mum.

Regardless, it’s a creative project that is practical, fun and affords a call to your loved ones. The ‘Lemons’ Heirloom Recipe Book from Bespoke Letterpress is my pick. It has a hot foil detail on the cover with gold gilded edges, environmentally responsible heavyweight paper and is designed to inspire productivity, creativity and imagination in the kitchen.

Take up writing... 

There isn't a lot to say on the matter other than; nows the time, you have no excuse.

The ‘Joy’ Calligraphy Fountain Pen is unmistakably ‘Lamy’. Just like the cult fav Lamy Fountain Pens; she’s elegant, comfortable and is refilled using cartridges. Plus you can use her with any of your fountain pen notebooks. A no-brainer really.

Start a Photo album

I LOVE photo albums. I remember pouring over them for hours as a kid. My mum
used to say that if there were a fire the first thing she’d save is the photo albums (not me, rude).

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to spend some time picking out your favourite memories so that they can be shared without the noise of their screenshot and meme cousins. It’s an investment that can be enjoyed now, in 10 years and beyond, I promise.

I love Miligrams ‘Archive’ Album. It has a tactile advantage as it's made of Dutch linen and has an effortless, timeless feel.

For more of a retro throwback have a look at the Simikolon ‘Pocket Photo Album’
collection. They feature traditional stitching, cream pages and a pocket on the front for a picture or to help you organise.

Thanks as always for visiting and supporting HP. We love you guys 

- Rosa Sophia

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