We are getting to that stage of lockdown where we are all feeling... blahh. We’ve
watched everything on Netflix, been on too many walks and our homes are sparkling. It’s time to start spending our free time on others!

Sometimes its hard to connect from afar so here are 7 nice things you can do for people in lockdown... from lockdown.

1. Ask vulnerable neighbours if they need any help
Simple things like getting groceries can be stressful for people during lockdown. So if you know of anyone who is maybe elderly, pregnant, a new mum or might be finding it too stressful to leave the house, make sure you give them a call or put a note in their letterbox. We need to do our best to take care of our community too!

2. Videos

At this stage of the lockdown, I hate to break it to you; your friends are probably sick of the random videos you send of your pets and you watching the 11 am press conference.
Instead, you can send them a fun video made by their favourite celeb! Just head to https://www.cameo.com or download the Cameo app, pick a celebrity, and send them a message. You can ask Maisie Williams to quote their favourite line from Game of Thrones or have The Bachelor sing them a love song! The opportunities are endless on this one!

3. Letter Writing

Get writing friends! When was the last time you rushed to the letterbox and pulled out something other than a bill or the 27 amazon items you ordered last night after too much wine? It’s time to get back to tactile communication so test out your poetry skills with an ode, declare your love, or simply say hi! The world is your oyster when you have pretty paper, a pen and an envelope :)

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4. UberParcel

Now I don’t know about you but I have a collection of nicknacks I’ve bought for my friends during lockdown that are gathering dust, as they just aren’t quit ‘Australia Post’ worthy. I clearly forgot that UberParcel was a thing... There’s a little button on the Uber app that looks like a parcel, click it and follow the directions. An Uber person will drive your parcel to a friend! This is a great way to follow the lockdown rules whilst giving that instant gratification rush that Australia Post can’t provide. P.s you can send plants (you're welcome)

5. UberEats

We have all fallen victim to the Ubereats trap at one stage or another. There’s nothing better than dumplings to your door but it can be an expensive habit! So next time you’re umming and arring on if you realllly need that box of cupcakes... send them to a friend! You can either choose an order to send to their home or send them a gift card straight to their Uber account. Practical and thoughtful!

6. Care Packages

If you aim to impress, care packages are a must! You can include a mix of silly, yummy, practical and beautiful things; whatever you like! With things like puzzles and gratitude journals, the Honest Paper website has lots of goodies if you’re suck!

Remember we can wrap and post directly to your recipient!

7. And of course be nice to YOU

Yes you do need that at home spa day with face masks, a fluffy robe and a Meeraboo candle!

Written by Rosa Sophia

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