Honest Paper Artist Investment Program

Are you a local artist looking to sell your artworks commercially? 

As curators of our own store and artists ourselves, we know the struggle that artists can face when they are looking into the realm of printing, pricing and wholesale. 

Here at Honest Paper, we have initiated an awesome artist investment program (HPAIP) in-store where we can support local artists with very little upfront costs and help to build your brand!

We curate our store very carefully, so the below options are only for artists who have been accepted into the program. The idea of this program is to help artists establish their own print run, with very low upfront costs (sometimes none) and a first ‘stockist’ arrangement.

Artists can use this printing structure to create their own line of prints without stocking them at Honest Paper, the arrangement is quite fluid but has some guidelines to protect both the artist and us as the business owners.

Apply here or email us to find out more. 

Applications Close for Season 1 30th June 2021. 

Applications Open for Season 2, 1st July - September 30th. 


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Any questions at all, let us know B&G