The journey to bottled ink may seem like a challenging one, but don’t be afraid! It’s a very rewarding addition to your fountain pen world and an easier leap than you might think. Bottled ink expands the way you can use your fountain pens, and lets you get even more from their unique writing experience.

For starters, by moving to bottled ink, the range of colours available to use with your fountain pen increases. Most pen manufacturers only make ink cartridges for their basic colours. Moving into using converters with bottled ink allows you to use their full range. Even more importantly is that you can now use bottled ink from any fountain pen manufacturer, a converter allows you to use ANY bottled fountain pen ink. Check out our other blog here for how to fill a fountain pen using a converter. (Note: Fountain pen ink is different to calligraphy ink, make sure the ink suitable for fountain pens. Calligraphy ink isn’t water based and will prevent your pen from writing)

Another great advantage to bottled ink is that you no longer have to worry about running out of ink cartridges. Bottled ink comes in 30-50ml bottles, which gives as many as 100 refills per bottle. This means you're far less likely to get stuck with a pen which has just run out of ink. (Think about all the plastic you’ve just saved too!)

On top of all of that, the world of bottled ink is just as deep and interesting as that of fountain pens. There are inks that are multi-shaded, inks that have metallic sparkles in them, inks that are watery or thicker, inks that blend colours and change as you write. The journey to finding your perfect ink is just as fun as finding your perfect pen.

So welcome to the beginning of your bottled ink journey. There are almost as many inks to try as there are things to write about. So take the leap and expand the way you write and create, with bottled ink. 


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