What’s the deal with Travel Journals?

Keeping a travel journal is a great way to keep a record of your journeys and any thoughts and ideas that may pop into your head along the way! 

Often in our busy lives and as more events become part of our lived experiences, the details of some of our great adventures may begin to fade and blur amongst the complex tapestry of time. If you have perhaps felt this way, then starting to write a journal on your travels may be just what you need.

Not only does writing things down help you commit them to memory, but you will create yourself a kind of memento for your trips; something you can always keep to remind yourself of all the sights and activities, and if it so pleases you, the journal could even become something of a scrapbook - a place to store photos, admission tickets, perhaps a playbill or whatever other bits and bobs you may collect along the way.

While you could use any notebook or journal for this purpose, many brands produce specific travel journals, such as the pink Fox & Fallow travel diary, which has many useful features. Each page of the diary has a header for you to write the date, city and country and at the beginning of the diary, there’s a section to write flight and accommodation details, restaurant and cafe addresses, a packing checklist, expenses and has a list of currencies and timezones and more! 

But if you’re looking for something more self-guided and freeform, the Traveler’s Company has got you covered, quite literally! Their design begins with a hardy, genuine leather cover that can surely survive a bit of globetrotting; the cover takes notebook inserts that come in a few different sizes and styles, allowing you to truly customise your journal to your liking. Also, as an international brand, you can find new inserts to add in many major cities around the world.

If you're more after an open ended journal, checkout this collection - Notebooks and Journals. 

So it’s simple, really! Get on out there, into the world, and take the time to record all of those wondrous moments and commit them to memory (& history!) through the art of Travel Journaling.

Written by: Luke Consani, HP team 

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