Well can you believe it’s nearly Mother’s Day?

This time last year we were all in lockdown not really knowing what was going on. This year, is a bit odd for us as well.As you probably know, we closed our bricks and mortar store in the junction a few weeks ago and we have been operating entirely online.

It’s been an interesting time for us, and surprisingly one where my mum has been incredibly important. This year got me thinking a lot about how Mother’s and Mother figures are always there, they seem to always make time for you even when you feel like they don’t have time for themselves!

I know in this chapter, especially with my own children, but also with my business; my mum has been an emotional rock and also a guiding support for me and our business. She has always encouraged me to chase my dreams, even when I could see that she was sacrificing hers for me.

I know that Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for many people, whether you’ve lost someone important or whether this day reminds you of something that you don’t want to be reminded of, if you ARE celebrating this year, we are encouraging you to realise the sacrifice that Mothers and Mother figures make every day.

Every day mothers choose to put their children before themselves. Some days, mothers basically pull themselves together FOR everyone else! I think that the simplest thing that we can do is to acknowledge that sacrifice and to give them the love and respect that they deserve.

I have compiled a few items that I think are really special gifts, but I also really believe in the power of writing something beautiful. If you are not in a position to give a gift this year, I encourage you to take a few minutes to write down some words from your heart. I know that every mother would appreciate this greatly and that sharing from your heart means so much.

I hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day celebrating with whoever plays that role in your life.

Linen Recipe Book

Open recipe books are an absolutely beautiful gift option, we have been selling these for many years and they are always received well. I love the idea of having family members fill in the book with their favourite/famous recipes and the book becoming somewhat of an heirloom. It's popularly bought for grandmothers to fill to give to their children, which I think is a gorgeous idea. 

Shop Recipe Book here

Gratitude journals are a beautiful way to encourage some self care and reflection and of course these pair beautifully with a special pen. 

Gratitude Journals Here | Pens Here

We also have the full range of Meeraboo candles, as a mum myself I feel like you can never go wrong with a hand poured, soy wax candle! 

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Wildkinship released a beautiful Mother's Day print and greeting card, words that remind her of how loved and cherished she is... warning though, this gift may induce happy tears. Read it here.

If you need some inspiration on how to write a greeting card, we have a tutorial here. 

We have compiled a full list of gorgeous items here, do jump over and have a look! Shop Mother's Day Gift Guide

Wishing you a wonderful Mother's day 



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