Gifts for Business

A selection of gorgeous gifts for office empoyees, new starters, thank you gifts and more.
  1. Pilot 'Fineliner' Markers
  1. Pilot 'Desk' Pen
  1. Balanced 'Blackwing Pearl' Graphite Pencil
  1. Firm 'Blackwing 602' Graphite Pencil
  1. Soft 'Blackwing Matte' Graphite Pencil
  1. 'Daily Focus' Pad
    Sold Out
  1. 'Monthly' A3 Desk Pad
    Sold Out
  1. Pilot 'IC-50' Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges (Colour Options)
  1. 'Weekly' A4 Desk Pad
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  1. Blackwing Pencil Replacement Erasers
  1. 'Birdie' Fine Ballpoint Pen
  1. 'Birdie' Twin Mechanical Pencil & Pen (2-in-1)
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  1. LAMY Pen Case
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  1. LAMY 'Econ' Matte Silver Ballpoint Pen
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  1. No.2 'The Lovely' Stationery Pack ($70 Value)
  1. No.1 'The Listmaker' Stationery Pack ($65 Value)
  1. No.4 'The Organised' Stationery Pack ($65 Value)