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Wax Sealing Beads 'HP Specialty Blends'

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These special blends represent the most popular colour blends for wax sealing creatives who want a mix of hues to play with, whether for a broader pallete of individual colours, creating the marbled effect or making whole new colours. And when when working with multi colours the sky is the limit in how many unique effects and colours you can make!

In your heating spoon simply add two or three colours and as they begin to dissolve, swirl the stirrer through the mixture, if you want a marbled effect (before the colours completely blend) pour in a circular motion, press the stamp into the wax and watch the marbeling take effect. If a new colour is being created, something completely unique to you, blend the colours together to find the perfect one.

hint: test the colours on a makers mat, if its not quite right, peal off the mat, break up the seal and start again!

The seasonal blends are carefully curated by the team at HP (with help from all our creative customers over the years!!). *When filling the jar/s we will scoop to our best ability to send you a good balance of each colour in the blend, however if you're after a specific quota of colours we suggest buying the individual colour jars and making a blend of your own - it's so much fun!

Current 2022 Blends

No.1 A Hint of Gold (includes gold, prosecco and musk)

No.2 Bright Multi (a mix of ten colours)

No.3 Neutral Multi (a mix of ten colours)

No.4 All Things Green (includes sage, moss and olive)

No.5 Mauve Delight (includes amethyst, lilac and pink)

No.6 Minty (includes mint, lime and pastel blue)

No.7 Pink Musk (includes musk, pastel pink and prosecco)

No.8 Mettalics (includes copper, bronze and champagne)

No.9 Peachy (includes flamingo, coral and peach)

No.10 Cupcake (includes pastel pink, snow, flamingo pink and white pearl)

No.11 Sand & Stone (dove grey, fog, pastel blue, silver and slate)

No.12 Ocean Blues (includes royal blue, teal and cobalt)