'Shoal' Sensory Japanese Incense Sticks

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A bank of sand rises from the sun-flared sea. Lashed by the tides, it stretches to the far horizon in both directions, softened at the edges by the blur of salt spray. The unrestrained power of the ocean meets the wild energy of untamed bushland in a potent rush of elemental forces, heady scents of raw earth and sea foam and sand. The Shoal collection captures this essence, so you can lose yourself in the forces of nature, and reconnect with nature wherever you are. Burn for energy and stimulation. 

True sandalwood incense infused with Milligram Studios 100% Pure Natural Essential Oils. Blends are made in Melbourne from uniquely Australian oils and certified true botanicals. Set contains 37 Japanese style incense sticks housed in a glass vial. Estimate burn time per stick 10 minutes.

Designed by Studio Milligram in Melbourne, Australia.