Pilot 'MR' Fountain Pens

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The Pilot 'MR' fountain pen features a smooth stainless steel nib and premium metal body.

Ink Cartridges & Refillable Options

Compatible with both pre-filled 'IC-50' ink cartridges (one included) and the refillable 'CON-40' ink converters, for use with bottled fountain pen ink. The MR model includes a squeeze converter, which doubles as a cleaner.

Fine & Medium Nibs
Available in Fine and Medium sized steel nibs, both delivering an exceptionally smooth writing experience.

Metal Body

Featuring a weighty, high quality finish with a middle band detail (pattern and colour variants to choose form).

- Pilot 'MR' Fountain Pen

- Single 'IC-50' Black Ink Cartridge
- Refillable Converter (Squeeze Style)

- Gift Box