'Paper Daisy' Boxed Soy Candle

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The scent - Green and youthful, with notes of violet, amber and daisy petals

  "Welcome to our exclusive Australian Wildflower Collection… a celebration of the beautiful, inspirational, resilient, authentic Australian women in our lives. The exquisitely delicate, limited edition collection is dedicated to our mother figures – the ones that show up, shape up, and never give up on us. We wholeheartedly appreciate everything you bring and everything you are. We love you and we thank you x" - Meeraboo

Paper Daisy - Bright and cheerful, the Paper Daisy grows in unexpected places and has the ability to thrive under the harsh Australian conditions. Paper Daisies are known for their variety and versatility. They grow in a vivid array of colours including magnificent variations of white, pink, red, orange, gold and bronze. Their defiantly strong papery petals are perpetually on the shrubs and the pollen filled centres are constant food for hungry bees. Like many Australian Wildflowers, Paper Daisies love full sun and are self-renewable - self seeding well under the right conditions.

Candle Size - 300g / 50+ hours / double wick