'Nocturne' Sensory Volcanic Rock Set

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Experience an intoxicating scent rich with fire and earth with Nocturne, by Studio Milligram.

Inspired by fire under Australian night skies, Nocturne is a dense, organic scent perfect for meditation and calm. On dark earth, a fire burns. Sparks arc across a blue-black sky. Threads of smoke and ember rise into the dusk. 

Softly scent your space with volcanic potpourri. Locally sourced volcanic scoria is bathed in Studio Milligram's unique Australian made fragrances and packaged creating a stunning natural scent diffuser for your home. Enhance the fragrance by adding 3-5 drops directly to rocks as desired.

Set contains:
- Smoke coloured glass holder
- Scented volcanic scoria
- 10ml fragrance

Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.