LAMY 'Safari' Fountain Pens

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The LAMY ‘Safari’ incorporates functional modern design with a lightweight, durable plastic body to create a reliable, classic fountain pen suitable for beginners and life-long writers alike.

‘Whether small and even, large and elaborate, straight or sloped: every person’s handwriting is unique. LAMY make high-quality writing instruments that transform manual writing into a special experience – and give personal handwriting the perfect touch.’

Interchangeable Nib

Each 'Safari' fountain pen is fitted with a medium, all-round stainless-steel nib. The rounded shape of the nib delivers a uniform, even writing line. A defining feature shared by the Safari, Al-Star and Lx models are their interchangeable nibs, which make each pen easily customisable to your writing needs. Shop additional compatible LAMY nibs here.

Ink Cartridges & Refillable Options

Like all of our LAMY fountain pens, the 'Safari' is compatible with both pre-filled 'T10' ink cartridges (included) and the refillable 'Z28' ink converters, for use with bottled fountain pen ink (available seperately).

Plastic Body
A sturdy casing, made from ABS plastic and an ergonomically shaped grip, ensure comfort for long note-taking sessions and make it the perfect companion for the everyday writer. Other thoughtful features are chrome plated clip and the ink level window which when shows how much ink is remaining.


- LAMY 'Safari' Fountain Pen

- Single 'T10' Blue Ink Cartridge

- Gift Box and Waranty Card