LAMY 'Lx' Fountain Pens

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Celebrating LAMY’s 50th anniversary of Bauhaus-inspired design, the ‘Lx’ is a stylish, modern writing instrument with that something “extra”. A functional and elegant writing companion, the ‘Lx’ features excellent craftsmanship as well as elaborately refined details. 

‘Whether small and even, large and elaborate, straight or sloped: every person’s handwriting is unique. LAMY make high-quality writing instruments that transform manual writing into a special experience – and give personal handwriting the perfect touch.’

Interchangeable Nib

The Lamy ‘Lx’ features a special polished black, PVD coated, steel nib with additional detailing. The rounded shape of the nib delivers a uniform, even writing line. A defining feature shared by the Safari, Al-Star and Lx models are their interchangeable nibs, which make each pen easily customisable to your writing needs. Shop additional compatible LAMY nibs here.

Ink Cartridges & Refillable Options

Like all of our LAMY fountain pens, the ‘Lx’ is compatible with both pre-filled 'T10' ink cartridges (included) and the refillable 'Z28' ink converters, for use with bottled fountain pen ink (available seperately).

Aluminium Body & Matching Case

The soft lustre of the anodised aluminium finish and smoky translucent grip lend a modern twist to a classic design. The characteristic clip as well as all other metal details (including a matching aluminum case) are refined with a precious metal of matching colour, accentuating the value and elegant look of the LAMY ‘Lx’.


- LAMY ‘Al-Star’ Fountain Pen

- Single 'T10' Blue Ink Cartridge

- Matching Anodised Aluminium Case
- Waranty Card