'Lamy Xevo' Ballpoint Pen

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Even LAMY's entry-level pens are the result of precise engineering and careful design, and the Xevo ballpoint pen is no exception. 

Its striking grip section offers a comfortable hand-feel courtesy of its triangular shape that's balanced by sleek, flowing lines that give the Xevo a sophisticated air on par with the German brand's more premium pen.

For all its sci-fi design, the Xevo is a simple, intuitive pen to use, with a twist mechanism that feels reassuringly solid.

Size: 1x11x142mm
Ink: Includes 1 x Black LAMY M16 ballpoint ink cartridge
Weight: 20g
Material: Contoured plastic body and springloaded metal clip
Style: Ballpoint
Refills: LAMY M16 ballpoint refill