Kaweco 'Collection' Fountain Pen in 'Light Lavender'

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Part of the new Kaweco Collection, the Sport Fountain Pen in soothing Light Lavender promises to catch the attention of pen lovers everywhere. Soft and delicate, this shade of lilac is at the peak of its popularity right now, and pairs beautifully with the texture of the Sport's durable plastic body for an all-round premium experience.

With more than a century of history, Kaweco writing instruments are time-tested designs that make writing a delight. Compact and clever, and made with robust materials, Kaweco pens and pencils are pocket-friendly companions without sacrificing on quality or comfort.

Quantity: 1x fountain pen
Cartidge Refills: Kaweco Ink Cartidges
Suitable Converter: 'Mini' Converters
Length: 10.5cm
Material: Aluminium with matte finish
Source: Made in Germany