Kaweco Refillable Fountain Pen Converter

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Kaweco converters enable the easy use of all brands of bottled fountain pen ink (available seperately). As an alternative to the disposable cartridges, refillable converters also reduces your single-use plastic. 

Mini Piston Converter
Suitable for Kaweco 'AL Sport' and 'Sport' fountain pens, with 0.47ml ink capacity.

Mini Squeeze Converter
Suitable for Kaweco 'AL Sport' and 'Sport' fountain pens with 0.5ml ink capacity.

Standard Piston Converter 'Pearl Black Chrome'
Suitsable for Kaweco 'Special', 'Elegance', 'Student', 'DIA2', 'Elite', 'Supra', and 'Perkeo' model fountain pens with 0.82ml ink capactiy.