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'Garden Party' Stationery Tackle Box

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A complete desk set, Rifle Paper Co.'s Tackle Box is a gorgeous and comprehensive stationery kit to bring a bit of floral fun to your workspace.

Presented in a custom-made, pattern-wrapped box, this flowery set includes a small pad of paper, magnets, enamel paper clips, gold push pins, an eraser, binder clips and pencils. Each item (excluding the binder clips and push pins) features the distinctive designs that Rifle Paper Co. is known for.

QUANTITY: 1 x stationery set with box
SIZE: 20cm x 16cm x 7.5cm
CONTAINS: 1 pad of paper, 3 magnets, 2 enamel paper clips, 20 gold push pins, 1 eraser, 3 binder clips and 2 pencils