Blackwing Premium Graphite Pencils (3 Pack)

Blackwing Premium Graphite Pencils (3 Pack)


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Contains 3 sublime premium graphite formulation pencils: Palomino Blackwing suited to drawing and sketching, Palomino 602 suited to writing and the Palomino Pearl, a hybrid density pencil that suits both drawing and writing. Made in Japan with Genuine Incense Cedar, it is amazingly smooth and beautiful. The Worlds best pencil.

The Palomino Blackwing was launched by California Republic Stationers in October 2010 as a modern version of the iconic Eberhard-Faber Blackwing pencil that was favored by artists such as Stephen Sondheim and Frank Lloyd Wright.


LENGTH: 20.5cm
LEAD: Special Graphite Formulation. Very Black.
SUITS: Sketching, Drawing, Shading.
MATERIALS: Genuine Incense Cedar Barrel. Graphite Formulation Lead.
FEATURES: Replaceable Erasers (Pink / White / Black). Legendary Design.
SOURCE: Made in Japan