'Bagasse' Woodless Sugarcane 120gsm Envelopes

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Premium quality envelopes, manufactured in Australia.

With tiny speckles of sugarcane by-product (bagasse), this responsibly sourced virgin fibre not only looks earthy, the 120gsm performs brilliantly through commercial and home digital printers. However, we recommend testing of heavier weights for all printers.

About Bagasse

  • Bagasse is the fibre that remains after sugar cane has been processed, making it an abundant agricultural byproduct with more than 54. million tons produced each year.
  • Being a natural plant fibre, bagasse with naturally degrade and is completely compostable.
  • Suitable for recycling among cardboard and paper products.

Colour: Off-White
Paper Stock: 'Sucra' Bagasse with flecks throughout
Material: 120gsm premium textured paper
Closure: Gummed, wet to seal