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'Avocado' Confetti Jar & Gold Scoop

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It's a delightful pocket of sparkling goodness… a glass tube filled with mini squares of confetti + a heavyweight gold scoop, so that you get every last sparkle!

Store it up for spontaneous moments of joy, add it to gifts [and prevent an unexpected confetti explosion], or carry it with you to leave a little sparkle… wherever you go.

Once all the fun has been had, repurpose the spoon for sprinkling salt, scooping spices, stirring warm drinks, or whatever tickles your fancy. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The same goes for the jar - give it a little rinse and use it to keep tiny trinkets safe [or, if you’re Emma, to have a supply of chilli flakes on hand at all times].


  • 3 grams [a solid sprinkle] of mini square-shaped confetti in muted greens, champagne gold + white
  • 100mm long x 18mm diameter glass tube, with gold screw-top lid
  • Brushed gold spoon [PVD coated stainless steel] with etched logo detail
  • PVD coating is resistant to corrosion [but not dishwasher safe]
  • Confetti mixes are available in Avocado, Peach and Coconut
  • Designed in Melbourne, made with love and care by socially compliant manufacturing partners in Shenzhen, China