'Acorn Wreath' Limited Edition Print

'Acorn Wreath' Limited Edition Print

Apothecary Artist

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Limited edition artist print by Apothecary Artist.

Vannessa Lewis, Apothecary Arist, is contemporary artist exploring historical art materials & methods. Making original art & limited edition prints.

“ Based in the excitingly understated city of Newcastle in Australia, I make art, I draw and paint, study, research and explore the recipes and techniques once used by artists throughout the centuries. Sometimes feeling more like a chef than a modern day painter, I work with deliciously luscious ingredients..eggs, vodka, walnuts, pomegranates..and more.

Every day in the studio is an exhilarating learning experience, as I explore the chemistry, the botanics of painting and turn it into new art. What a wonderful world! ”

Newcastle Australia