Sick Happens

About the maker...
"Oh hey there. I’m Penny. I have been a Paediatric Registered Nurse for over ten years. I also have a Masters of Nursing. Annnnnnnnd, I am a Mum to two delicious little boys.

Since becoming a parent, I worked out that this parenting gig can be a *little* challenging at times. But a huge difficulty that all parents face are the inevitable — and relentless — bouts of sickness in children. The snotty noses. The fevers. The vomiting. The random rashes. The constant “is this normal?!” And the late night google deep-dive sessions. We’ve all been there.

Unfortunately, there is limited access to ongoing support, reassurance and education for parents around the everyday inevitable illnesses. Not to mention the confusion, anxiety, overwhelm and fear that surrounds these never-ending bouts of sickness. I mean honestly, what’s scarier than having a sick child and not knowing what to do?

Let me assure you, you are not alone. Because this is where I come in. I deliver evidence-based, practical education with empathy & reassurance.
I make sure you have the knowledge before the crisis hits.
Sick happens is here to give you the confidence you deserve."
- Penny, Sick Happens

Honest Paper is a proud stockist of 'Sick Happens', available online in-store in Newcastle, NSW.
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