The Pilot MR has just touched down in Honest Paper for the first time recently, and boy, was I in for a surprise. I'm very fond of my Lamy fountain pen, and when I picked up the MR I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. I had already made up my mind that it would be a good pen, but maybe not one for me. Skip ahead a few days and I'm very much considering grabbing one to add to my collection.

There are many fantastic features to love in the Pilot MR. My favourite being that it has a metal body. This gives it a great feel and weight in your hand, and makes writing with it a very smooth experience. The model I was testing had the medium nib (it's available in medium or fine) and wrote smoothly straight away, and left me very impressed with the experience. For a fountain pen that is very affordable it wrote like a much more expensive model.

It has a modern classic look and a sleek design, and comes in a variety of colours, Honest Paper is currently stocking the two most iconic colours—black and gold—but can order in any from Pilots large range. Another feature that I was surprised by was that the pen came with both an ink cartridge that was ready to go, and an ink converter, allowing you to use bottled ink. As a fan of bottled ink, seeing Pilot encouraging and enabling this was a nice change.

This pen is perfect for daily use. Its classic design fits in to any environment, such as the workplace or when out and about. It's nice weight and balance lends it self to longer writing sessions and speedy note taking. It truly is a great all rounder pen for daily use, and its variety of colour options mean you can find a style that suits anybody.

So whether it's a purchase for yourself or a gift for another, it's definitely worth the time to come in and try the Pilot MR. A beautiful high quality pen, and the latest in Honest Papers growing fountain pen range.

Words by: Ben Graham
Pictured: Pilot MR in Gold and Black options


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