The Honest Story

The Honest Story

​In December 2014, two friends Gabi & Bella began a side project. What started as a daydream became a reality within a week. Both girls were bored with their day jobs, tired of spending their days in grey offices wasting time.

Paper lovers exist.

They’re people who love the smell of a fresh magazine or the touch of an uncoated card. They collect paper cuttings, wrap gifts as if the gift wrapping is more important than the gift itself and generally go the extra mile to find the perfect card and write encouraging words for the recipient; simply because they believe it matters.

Blessing & Honour came to life in the form of greeting cards, paper and tags. Within a few weeks Bel & Gab had shipped paper across the nation and soon thereafter the world & received so many words of encouragement, suddenly it seemed the dream of having a dedicated space for this could come to life in a very real way. Fast forward 12 months, and Blessing & Honour has turned into a bricks and mortar shop now called “Honest Paper” - a specialty stationery shop for paper lovers and stationery lovers alike.

“A place created by kindred hearts,
A day dream come alive
Inspired by life - words simple and pure
the honest art of giving lives here”

Honest Paper is Newcastle’s very first specialty stationery shop dedicated to the art of encouragement, kindest and the pure joy of giving. The heart behind Honest Paper is to remind people that gifting should be an honest act, it should be real. Cards should be written in, words should mean something and that it’s always more wonderful to give rather than receive.

Stocking mostly local & Australian brands, Honest Paper hopes to support and release up and coming designers, artists and creatives in their endeavours. Each piece is chosen purposefully by owners & designers Bella & Gabi - a curation of beautiful & useful items.

Next time you’re in Newcastle, make sure you pay Honest Paper a visit & meet the girls behind this paper lovers dream.​​​​​​​​

Bella Cauchi
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Gabi Graham
Co-Founder, Creative Director

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